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We specialize in opening any kind of locking device. Commercial, automotive or residential, we can handle it.A dedicated team of master locksmiths is prepared to go right where you are and retrieve your keys or even make you new ones on the spot. Delicate and discreet residential situations, hard pressing commercial environment or complex automotive locking systems, we can handle anything.

Our Garage Door Repair Services

Your Garage Door is the biggest access point to your property. It must be in perfect conditions in order to provide full protection and let you enjoy all of its convenient features.A garage door not only offers convenience and protection. It also gives your home warmth, character and definition. A great looking and sleek Garage door goes a long way in increasing your home´s overall value and curb appeal.


Wherever in the city you happened to suffer an auto-locksmith emergency, rest assured that our technicians will be there in short order, and have you back on the road no long after they arrive. Equipped and knowledgeable to handle from traditional ignition start mechanisms to on-site reprogramming of key FOBs and alarm remotes.


Extreme Garage Door Repair has a team of expert technicians specially dedicated to residential environments.If you are having problems with your front door lock, or if you forgot your key and are locked out, pick up the phone and call now.We know how much you value your home, your possessions, the things you’ve busted your hump for. And we know the safety and security of your loved ones is paramount.

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Extreme Garage Door Repair

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